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Why should I wear hearing aids

Reading Time: 3 minutes
"by " Albert Stein

We have news for you: hearing aids are awesome!

Not just alone by themselves – it’s what they can do for you that’s amazing.

Perhaps you struggle to hear – perhaps a little more than you admit to yourself. Maybe you haven’t quite managed to make an appointment yet, or maybe you have a pair of hearing aids … in your bedside drawer. Whatever your situation, let’s take a look at the things they can do for you.

Hearing aids help you to keep enjoying the activities and sports you love. Whether it’s playing tennis with friends, yoga with your daughter, or golf with your buddies, hearing aids allow you to get more out of it. What’s more, they make it much easier to try new activities.

However, it’s important to get hearing aids that fit your ears and fit your lifestyle. Sadly, research in the USA recently found that approximately 9 million people with hearing aids restrict the activities they do because they’re worried about damaging their hearing aids. But with modern, well-fitting hearing aids and accessories, there are very few activities you can’t do.

Most people love dining out – we humans are social animals. But hearing loss can make it so difficult to enjoy a meal with friends that people begin to avoid such situations. It is because the background noise from all those people chattering, eating and moving reduces how much speech you understand. And when we understand less than about 50% of what’s being said, we begin to give up. It simply becomes too much of a mental effort to sustain; it’s like people are talking a different language.

Hearing aids help tune out the background noise so you can focus on the people you want to hear. The newest hearing aids are specifically designed to make speech understanding easier, and can dramatically improve it. If hearing aids can take your level of speech understanding up from 25% to 75%, you can get back in the conversation.

How often do you think you ask people to repeat themselves? Now ask yourself: how often do they think you ask them to repeat themselves?!

Over time, it can happen more and more, but it happens so gradually that you may not notice it.

This may not just be because you need people to speak louder. Hearing loss makes it more difficult for us to identify certain sounds, and makes it more likely we’ll confuse different words. The good news is that with the right kind of hearing aids, you can understand speech better, which enables you to engage more immediately with others – while missing out on less.

The more people there are, the harder it is to follow the conversation and take part. As the soundfield gets more complex, people with hearing loss find it’s much harder to pick out the people they want to listen to. Their brains simply become overwhelmed by a mass of undifferentiated noise.

However, good quality, modern hearing aids are designed specifically to make it easier when multiple people are speaking. They help you focus on what you choose, rather than deciding for you – as older devices did. It is due to the power of modern hearing aid microchips, which can now process much more sound than ever before.

So what’s your next step? We recommend you come and visit your local friendly hearing care expert for a demonstration of what is possible. Why not experience the latest hearing aid technology for yourself?