The International Campaign for Better Hearing is an initiative with a simple purpose: to actively push hearing up the healthcare agenda – all around the world – so more people can enjoy better lives.


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    Inform people about the advantages of hearing health care and the consequences of untreated hearing loss

    HOW Do we inform people? We use local awareness-raising events all around the world, news coverage, and paid-advertising.



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    Provide free hearing screening to everyone over the age of 60

    HOW Do we provide free hearing screening? All participating hearing clinics give a free hearing test to anyone aged 60 or above.


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    Make hearing aids accessible to people who otherwise could not afford them, through our Give-back Programme

    HOW Can we make hearing aids more accessible? Participating clinics donate money to us every time they test someone’s hearing. These donations fund our Give-back Programme, which gives free hearing aids to people who need them but can’t afford them.


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Is hearing so important?

Our hearing health is closely connected to our brain’s health. Research shows there are clear links between hearing loss and depression, mental fatigue, reduced cognitive capacity, and even dementia. Early detection of hearing loss helps reduce some of these negative effects. For people who have hearing loss but aren’t aware of it, it’s important to know so they can begin treating it. And for people who can’t afford hearing aids, this campaign enables them to treat their hearing loss.

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Test your ears at 60 years?

For many people, their last hearing test was a long time ago. But hearing loss can happen gradually – especially as we get older. And as we get older, the negative effects of untreated hearing loss can seriously affect people’s lives. So we are proudly promoting a positive way to start your sixties in the way you mean to continue! Get a free test to set a baseline, and then get a check-up every year. This way you stay on top of your hearing health, and ensure you keep enjoying an active and engaged retirement.


Benefits from our Give-back Programme?

Every time someone gets a hearing test at a participating clinic, we get a donation. With the money we receive, we give free hearing aids to people who need them, but can’t afford them. Each month, the hearing clinics nominate people who they think could benefit from free hearing aids, according to clearly defined criteria. All the nominations are then assessed to determine the recipients, based on clearly defined criteria.

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How do I join the Campaign?

Request an appointment at one of our participating clinics, to get your hearing tested.

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Pass the test, and pass it on!

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