Now I have my hearing back, I have a new-found confidence – the world is my oyster!


Meet David Markee, another receiver of free, top of the range hearing aids. David was fitted by his Audiologist, Hannah Leech, in one of our participating clinics in the UK.

75 year old David Markee, who has had a successful musical career playing bass guitar with the likes of The Who and The Rolling Stones, has seen the impact that loud noise can have on hearing.

“My hearing loss affected my ability to play – I didn’t realise until recently when I was recording my new album that I couldn’t hear properly. It was so bad I had no option but to give up on my project. My ears earned me a living and having hearing loss as a musician can be deadly for your career if you don’t get it sorted. When I was recording my album, I played up to not hearing and made a big joke out of it – it was a means of self-protection, I used humour to make light of the situation. However, hearing loss did really affect me, and I felt very isolated and in my own little world a lot of the time.”

It had also impacted his confidence at public speaking.

“I used to do it every week, but I had to stop because not being able to hear affected my confidence and ultimately my speeches – I just found it too embarrassing. Now I have my new hearing aids though, I’ve started it up again which is a great feeling!”

David was nominated for a free, top of the range hearing aids by Hannah Leech, Hearing Aid Audiologist, in his local hearing clinic in Croydon. Now that he has been fitted with his new hearing aids, David cannot wait for the future.

“I’m back recording my music again which is a fantastic feeling, I’ve even been offered a gig in Cannes later this year. Now I have my hearing back, I have a new-found confidence – the world is my oyster!”

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