How to get used to your hearing aids

Reading Time: 5 minutes
"by " Albert Stein

Deciding to get hearing aids is a decision which will make a positive impact on your life. Most people experience an adjustment phase when they first start to wear hearing aids, but once your brain has adjusted to hearing with hearing aids, the benefits you experience will far outweigh the initial discomfort that comes with getting used to them. 

Wearing your hearing aids in difference sound environments is a good way to get used to them. Starting with the 3 listening situations below is a good way to get comfortable with your hearing aids in various environments. 

Hearing aids will have a positive impact on your ability to engage in conversations. You will begin to feel more comfortable, and you will start to understand more of what is being said – so that you can provide meaningful feedback in return. There are various conversational settings you can try out in order to get used to listening to conversations with hearing aids.

Try some of the following: 

  • Hold a conversation while the other person is in another room 

  • Chat with someone while the TV or radio is on 

  • Carry on a conversation while doing laundry 

  • Try listening to others’ conversations while doing chores 

  • Have a conversation that includes 3 or more people

  • Have a conversation with a child 

  • Call a friend for a phone conversation 

Watching TV and listening to music can provide enjoyment and relaxation in your everyday routine. Your hearing aids will allow you to bring this joy back into your life if it is something you’ve been missing. In the beginning, you may have to get used to the experience of hearing radio and TV sounds through your hearing aids, but with time, it will feel natural, and you will be happy that you are able to enjoy these sounds again. 

Some ways to start enjoying music and TV with your hearing aids are:

  • Multi-tasking while watching TV (knitting is a good option) 

  • Listening closely to song lyrics

  • Focusing on the conversations from a TV show 

  • Listening to music you are unfamiliar with and trying to identify the number of singers or musical instruments playing 

  • Listening to music or a podcast while going for a walk in your neighborhood 

Getting out of your comfort zone is a great way to train your ears to get used to hearing aids. Whether it’s going out to eat or going to the movies, putting yourself in busy environments will help you get used to various levels of background noise.

Here are some situations to try when getting out of the house:

  • Participating in work meetings with 5 or more people

  • Taking notes and concentrating on business meeting conversations at the same time

  • Going to the movies with a friend and trying to hold a conversation in a dimly lit room

  • Going to a concert with a friend and talking to your friend(s) while there is some background noise present

  • Going on a road trip and holding a conversation while the radio is playing and/or there are traffic noises present

  • Going to the grocery store and starting a conversation with the shop employees. Pay attention to any sounds around you. 

  • Going on walk with a friend and holding a conversation at the same time

  • Sitting down in a public place where there is a high level of background noise (such as a mall or shopping center) and focusing on all the sounds you hear around you

If you want to learn more about hearing aids or how to get the most out of your hearing aids, book an appointment with your local hearing care expert.