Hearing aids are a defence against dementia

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"by " Albert Stein

Hearing aids are a defence against dementia

Research published in the medical journal The Lancet shows more clearly than ever before just how strongly hearing loss and dementia appear to be linked.

The study looks at the factors that contribute to dementia, to help identify ways to prevent dementia.

These risk factors for dementia are varied, and some cannot be changed – such as a genetic pre-disposition.

However, many of the dementia risk factors can be changed, according to the study. This indicates that there are in fact many things that people can do to reduce their risk of dementia.

The study found that hearing loss is the most significant risk factor for dementia that can be modified.

According to the study, “Interventions for other risk factors including more childhood education, exercise, maintaining social engagement, reducing smoking, and management of hearing loss, depression, diabetes, and obesity might have the potential to delay or prevent a third of dementia cases.

While medical studies have for some time been steadily building the links between hearing loss and cognitive decline, this study goes further than ever before.

The Lancet is a prestigious, peer-reviewed journal for the medical profession.

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