Tony delighted to receive the gift of better hearing


Meet Tony Gorgievski, another receiver of free, top of the range hearing aids. Tony was fitted by Clinician, Karrlee Brisbane, in one of our participating clinics in Australia.

For 20 years, 46-year-old Tony Gorgievski has suffered from hearing loss, well aware of the progressive decline in his situation over that time affecting his relationships with his family and friends and his work. Tony was unable to afford the hearing devices he needed, and he had no choice but to tolerate this decline in hearing with much angst and frustration. “My hearing has caused a few arguments,” he admits. 

 “It just got really frustrating at times. I lost all confidence in myself because I couldn’t hear and I couldn’t progress with my role at work as I would struggle to hear what was being said, particularly when I was attending courses to update my skills.”, he continues.

Having seen Tony struggle with his hearing for six years, Clinician Kirralee nominated him to our Give-Back Program and to be one of the many receivers of free, top of the range hearing aids. “I just know what a difference these hearing devices will make to Tony and his family, he will gain a lot of confidence and won’t need to rely on his wife to translate for him.”, Kirralee says. Every time someone gets a hearing test at a participating clinic, we get a donation to our Give-Back Program. With the money we receive, we give free hearing aids to people who need them but can’t afford them.

Unlike many others who live with un-managed hearing loss in the community, Tony will now be able to gain competitive skills in his workplace and the improved hearing will reduce the strain on relationships both at work and at home.

“With Give Back we are also very happy to be giving the gift of better hearing to people in local communities across Australia and grateful to everyone who contributed to achieving this exciting milestone,” said Kirralee.

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