Now Tammy is able to hear her husband again


Meet Tammy Hoesch, another receiver of free, top of the range hearing aids. Tammy was fitted by Hearing Instrument Specialist, Charles Dunford, in one of our participating clinics in the US.

Tammy Hoesch has two jobs: one as a bus driver and one as a grocery store clerk. She loves working with people from the driver’s seat to the cash register, but unfortunately, she struggles to hold conversations because of severe hearing loss in both of her ears.

Working with special needs children
A friend of Tammy’s asked if she would like the opportunity to become a bus aid for students of the deaf and blind school in Ogden. Eventually, she went from being an aide to be the school’s bus driver, and for eleven year she has continued to work with special needs children in this way. What Tammy enjoys most about this job is watching the kids learn, grow, and develop through the years.

Inspired by the Give-Back program
For a long time, Tammy had been getting by with a single basic hearing aid. Suddenly, she stumbled upon the Campaign for Better Hearing and decided to come into one of our participating clinics to seek help. An appointment with Hearing Instrument Specialist, Charles Dunford, helped to educate Tammy about how far hearing aid technology has come, and how insufficient her current device was. That’s when Charles nominated her to become one of the Give-Back program’s hearing aid recipients. Charles felt that her work with special needs children and community spirit made her an ideal choice. Every time someone gets a hearing test at a participating clinic, we get a donation to our Give-Back Program. With the money we receive, we give free hearing aids to people who need them but can’t afford them.

Looking forward to talking on the phone again
Tammy was ecstatic to hear that she had received a pair of free hearing aids. What she looks forward to most is being able to hear her husband with clarity again and having clearer conversations on the phone. Additionally, Tammy’s new devices will help tremendously while on the job. She will be able to better interact with customers at the grocery store and hear her students better on the bus. 

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