A great thing in Oumar’s life

Reading Time: 3 minutes
"by " Albert Stein

Oumar is a 50 year old man from Senegal who came to Spain 10 years ago to work, but due to life circumstances, Oumar hasn’t been able to hold on to a job due to having a visual and hearing impairment. Oumar has been living in Spain for 9 years working as a street seller. He managed this despite having visual and hearing difficulties which prevented him from being able to communicate properly.

Once Raúl, the audiologist, and Oumar is in the cubicle to complete the fitting, Oumar seems impatient, as if something new is about to happen in his life. With the fitting completed, Oumar begins to smile; a smile that indicates something great is happening. 

- Raúl: Hello Oumar, can you hear me OK?
- Oumar: Yes! Yes! I can hear you!
- Raúl: How do you feel?
- Oumar: Good, I can hear a lot, very well. 

During the explanation of how to use the hearing aid, Oumar makes a comment:

- Oumar: I will only take one hearing aid in case I lose one, I will have another.
- Raúl: No, no! (Laughing) You have to use both because you have hearing loss in both ears. 

Oumar makes his first phone call on his mobile phone, and now he doesn’t have to shout down the phone because now everything is working perfectly. We take some photos to immortalise this moment. Oumar doesn’t stop smiling and thanking us. Oumar leaves with his hearing aids and is very happy.