Now, Margaret is aware of the world

Reading Time: 3 minutes
"by " Albert Stein

Thanks to the Campaign for Better Hearing’s Give-back Program, Margaret Barton from Canada received a free set of hearing aids. “I want to profusely thank the Campaign for Better Hearing for giving me the opportunity to once again hear all that life has to offer,” Margaret says.

“I seriously did not realize how handicapped I had become. Now, I treasure every little thing that I hear i.e. the chirping of a bird, trains rumbling on a track, the screeching of tires warning me of upcoming danger,” she continues.

“I could go on and on but every day I am aware of the wonders of the hearing world around me. Now, here I am, the very proud recipient of a brand new pair of hearing aids,” she says.

Margaret believes that also her family and friends will benefit from her new hearing aids: “I no longer repeatedly ask my daughter to turn up the volume on the TV, which was rather hurtful to her ears. I was also missing most of the conversations of my euchre pals.”

“I could continue, but I think you get what I am trying to convey. I am forever thankful.”