Now, George can hear his family, friends, and the radio

Reading Time: 3 minutes
"by " Albert Stein

George Friesen had a hard time hearing his friends, family, and radio at his job. This lead to people being frustrated with George. But the frustration for everybody is finally over.

A free hearing test showed that George had a significant hearing loss. After the hearing test, Laura Anne Bateman, Hearing Aid Practitioner, nominated George for the Campaign for Better Hearing’s Give-Back Programme.

After being fitted with the free hearing aids, George immediately saw the impact on his life: “This will make a big difference in my life. Before getting hearing aids, people were always frustrated with me. I could never understand what my wife and sons were saying. Now I will be able to hear my friends and family better,” he says.

George also believes his new hearing aids will help him at work: “I am a pilot truck driver and had a hard time hearing the 2-way radio. Now I can turn the volume down and still understand what people are saying.”

Living with a hearing loss is never easy. This is something George can vouch for: “The hardest thing was not being able to understand my family. I was always asking my sons and wife to repeat things. Everything is so much better with hearing aids.”

Finally, George has a recommendation to everybody who have or think they have a hearing loss: “I would encourage anyone who thinks they have a hearing loss to try hearing aids.”