Celene is looking forward to being able to hear

Reading Time: 3 minutes
"by " Albert Stein

Celene Viggers was finding her hearing loss a significant challenge before she received an award from the Campaign for Better Hearing’s Give-back Programme. “The most frustrating thing about hearing loss is that it is an invisible impairment,” she says.

For Celene, the challenge comes from the fact that hearing loss is not obvious to other people. In her experience, people are less understanding.

“When people have vision problems, they wear glasses and everyone can tell,” says Celene.

“With hearing, people don’t recognize that I have an issue and they get frustrated when I can’t hear them.”

So it comes as a relief to Celene that she will receive free hearing aids, thanks to the Campaign for Better Hearing. As she says:

“I am looking forward to being able to hear!”