Anna is more connected and involved at work

Reading Time: 3 minutes
"by " Albert Stein

Anna Michalak has seen her quality of life improve thanks to hearing aids she received through the Campaign for Better Hearing’s Give-back Programme.

“I was amazed from the beginning how wonderful this gift was,” says Anna. “It started with me being able to hear all the noises that I have never heard before: the air conditioning, my fridge, (who knew fridges made so much noise!), rain, birds etc. then, I realized I could enjoy watching TV without constantly looking at the subtitles.”

Anna finds work life much easier now too.

“At work, I feel much better – more connected and involved – because I am able to follow conversations much easier,” says Anna.

“I also became less anxious about not being able to understand others,” she continues.

“What really brings a smile to my face is that a few people have already admitted that they noticed an improvement too. I stopped asking them so many questions about what they had just said so they don’t have to repeat themselves as much anymore.

The Give-back Programme has brought modern technology into Anna’s life.

I am really astonished by how good the new technology is and how great my new hearing aids are working,” she says. “They are a huge part of my life now, and I cannot imagine being able to function like I am right now without them.”

Thank you for understanding people with hearing impairment and for your generous gift, it is very much appreciated!